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  • Enriched Communications

    With the right help from Rich Goldberg and Enriched Communications, you can quickly learn to overcome feelings of fear and anxiety, reduce stress, optimize personal interactions and begin to live the life you DESERVE.

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Tangible Business Results Through Stress Management
  • Speaking, including keynotes

    Rich Goldberg's energy and enthusiasm will bring your group to new heights.

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  • Coaching

    Previous roadblocks vanish as Rich Goldberg walks you through proven methods of success.

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  • Consulting

    Let Rich bring a new vigor to your company and team. His methods will inspire for life.

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  • Workshops

    Rich will bring a feeling of excitement & trust to your breakout sessions. Your team will reach for more!

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  • Events

    Rich brings his contagious enthusiasm to each talk he gives. Hire him for your event today!

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  • Breakout sessions

    Rich will give a simple breakout session real purpose, leading to in improved bottom line.

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Enriched Communications
Welcome to Enriched Communications! If you feel as if stress is impacting your personal and professional relationships, negatively affecting your health and well-being, and preventing you from living the life you deserve, we’ve got good news!

Results Through:
  • • Motivational speaking
  • • Humor
  • • Inspiration
  • • Stress management
  • • Well-being
  • • Anxiety relief
  • • Anti-stress

What in the world is Laughter Yoga?
That's what those five people were thinking when they took the first class offered by Dr Kataria back in 1995. Since that day, this practice has grown throughout the world. Laughter Yoga now calls 105 countries & over 600 clubs home. There is no political or religious element to this practice.

An instructor will teach you how to use your diaphragm to generate a deep belly laugh and combine it with yoga breathing. This process increases oxygen to your brain & body cells which releases positive endorphins resulting in a multitude of good stuff for your brain & body.

It will help lower blood pressure, decrease stress, boost immunity and lead to stronger feelings of empathy, compassion, and communication. When we invite laughter into our life, joy, fun and positive feelings are sure to follow. I call this happy process " ha-robics" because we all know laughter is the best medicine. No actual yoga poses are performed, but you will have a FUNomenal experience.

For information and to schedule a class for a workplace, home setting, or enhance an existing program, please contact me at 201-960-8799.

Looking forward to hearing from & laughing with you.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

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